Commissioning a piece of work is a unique collaboration between the artist and the client/collector. I will work to ensure the end product is to your liking.

How I work

An initial consultation via email or in person will explore the subject, style, size, and your location (for shipping cost calculation). Once those details are discussed, this will allow for a preliminary estimate to be given.

I ask that you identify three pieces from my site that represent the style of painting you would like me to apply to your painting.

I always work from photos. They must be high quality, high resolution photos with good lighting. If I can't work from them, I will let you know.

Upon completion, photos will be sent for your approval. Small changes can still be made at this point at no charge. Bigger changes to the work can be made for an additional cost. The remaining balance will be collected before the work can be picked up or shipped.


My prices are a reflection of the time I spend and the quality of materials I use. I endeavour to produce the best likeness of your vision that I can, regardless of the time this takes me.

Quoted prices below are for one person or pet per size (head/shoulder) on a blurred or plain background.

Quoted prices do not include frames, hanging hardware or shipping.

The following prices are in CDN and are subject to change.

Commission Price

Other sizes are available on request.

Timing & Delivery

The time taken depends upon the number of commissions I am working on at the time. Summer is usually a busy time as I attend art festivals.

Turnaround is approximately 3 to 4 weeks. I will advise you if this is the case when ordering. Please book early for Christmas to avoid disappointment.

General Terms and Conditions

  1. The price of the portrait must be agreed to by both parties in writing before I will start any work on the commission. 
  2. A 50% deposit is required before any work can begin. The deposit will only be refunded if I am unable to start or complete the commission for any reason.
  3. The balance is due after completion of the artwork, when I will email you a preview of the finished portrait. I then ask for the balance of the payment prior to pick up or shipping – payment is to be made via direct deposit.
  4. Copyright rests with the me, unless specifically agreed in writing, before the commission is started. Client may not reproduce the commissioned piece.
  5. I may post the completed piece online.
  6. I require permission to use any photographs taken by professional photographers for use in portraits.